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Challenger Systems Testimonials

Many today are now embracing the revolutionary impact of

The Challenger Pad System.

Hear from others who now harness the awesome cleaning might of The Challenger process, and learn for yourself why The Challenger has become the Oscillating Pad Machine for the 21st century!

“Wow!!! You guys have an awesome product in the Challenger and this hard core HWE’er (after 30 years experience) is totally impressed! I initially thought it (the Challenger) may be just a step above using a rotary, bonnet cleaning, but I now know OP cleaning is light years ahead!!! Thanks again for a great product.”
Dominic from New Jersey

I was a member of the maintenance staff at the Saddle Brook Apartments in Longview, TX. When I first saw the way the Challenger cleaned carpets I purchased one of my own. Now two years later I have a profitable side business cleaning carpets. As a single parent I do not know how I could have survived financially without the extra income ($50/hour) and the convenience of scheduling carpet cleaning around my other activities.
Doug, Maintenance Staff Saddle Brook Apartments ~ Longview, TX

“The Challenger System is the first carpet cleaning machine we have used which has no bleeding back of the stains we are trying to get rid of in our center. The Orbit-Kleen cleaner, used by the Challenger smells good and works exceptionally well. I am a small person and the Challenger is really comfortable – even for me – to use on the carpets.”
Linda from Wright Patterson Air Force Base Bowling Alley

“I’ve been looking for a second story encap machine for six months and know I’ve made the right choice. In case any others are comparing machines, I’m sure it (the Challenger) is not as fast as a Cimex but it is even a bit quieter and best of all, even an ‘older’ guy can get a 66 pound machine up those steps with no problem.”
Dennis from Pennsylvania

“We cruised around with our equipment (the Challenger Machine) and cleaned three houses. Everyone was AMAZED. The company (Two Harbors Resort) will not be putting new carpet in each rental every time someone moves out anymore.”
Becky from California

“The Eastman Estates cleaning man heard about the success of the Challenger Pad System from next door at Colonial Village, and had one purchased for his complex. He says it doubled the cleaning productivity at his facility and that he would never go back to his previous method of cleaning carpets.”
Eastman Estate Apartments ~ 
Longview, TX

“In the year 2000, I spent a little over $37,000 in carpet replacement on my property. In the year 2001, I was introduced to Tropical Carpet Care and decreased spending on new carpet to $14,000. Note, this is 1/3 of what I spent in the year 2000. I believe that this decrease came mainly to using the Challenger Pad (OP) System. This technique allowed me to save carpets instead of replace them, and even better–only a one hour dry time!”
Glen Hollow Apartments

“I have had my Challenger for a few weeks now. It is the first one in Australia. I bought it to complement my (competitor’s machine, but it stays in the van 80% of the time now. I have taken my truck-mount out of the van and put it in a trailer and only take it when needed. The Challenger is great for all my residential and small commercial work. much easier to get up stairs than the competitor’s machine), easy to get in and out of the van and it does a fantastic job.”
Neil from Australia

The Reserve Apartment Complex used a hot water extraction system that connected to hot water faucets and drained into a toilet. When the maintenance staff saw what the Challenger could do, they were very excited. No more heat, steaming windows, long drying times, and consuming sweat. The work was easier and more carpets could be saved. They were so impressed that two staff members purchased Challenger machines for their personal use.
The Reserve Apartments ~ Longview, TX

Pate Greening manages 5 apartment complexes with over 1,000 units and he is also president of the East Texas Apartment Managers Association. He had the Challenger Pad System tested on carpet that he was planning to have replaced. Challenger cleaning saved him $800 replacement cost that first time. He uses the Challenger system now as his preferred cleaning system and recommends it to other association members.
Penwood Apartments ~ Kilgore, TX

“We have been using the Challenger Pad System and Orbit Kleen cleaner for four years and have found it superior to all other carpet cleaning systems we have tried.”
Keith Jones at Highland Pines Nursing home in Texas

“We have owned and managed over 30 rental properties in Muhlenberg County in the past 8 years. We decided to give Gary a try (after a strong recommendation and) were so glad we did! In cases where we knew the carpet would have to be replaced because it was so dirty… to our delight and surprise, it (the carpet) came clean and was brought back to life. It was like new again! The money they (Gary and the Challenger Pad System) have saved us by not having to repalce the carpeting, is money we can now put towards other improvements to our properties.”
Gary from Kentucky shares this testimonial from a very satisfied customer, Leland and Helen from Willow Creek Park:

Maurice M. “Butch” Dalton is Vice President of Operations in a national chain of retirement homes called Co-Operative Retirement Services of America, Inc. He happened to be visiting Colonial Village the day Challenger Pad Systems was tested. It was tested on stains that hot water extraction (HWE) had not been able to remove.
He tried the Challenger and was so impressed that he purchased it on the spot. He has since purchased nine more machines for other complexes.
Maurice Dalton. Colonial Village Retirement Community ~ Longview, TX

Service Master has the cleaning contract for Marshall Hospital in Marshall, Texas. They tested the Challenger Pad System on stains that kept reappearing in hallway carpet. After trying it they purchased two machines. A third machine was also sold to a church through referral from hospital staff.
Marshall Hospital ~ Marshall, TX

“I am glad I decided to buy the Tile brush attachment with my Challenger. I did a test area in a men’s room of an office we clean five nights a week. I threw the brush attachment on and went to town. Took about eight minutes (including dwell time) and the tile looked AS good as when I have had others use their TM and Turbo type tile and grout cleaning tool… I am sure with the proper tile cleaning solution, the results would have been superior.

Normally it has taken subcontractors 60, to as long as 90 minutes to do this room. I could easily do it in 25 minutes. I’ve had guys bring in rotaries, shopvac’s, air-movers, mops, mop buckets, towels, hoses, Turbo-type tools…I would only need my Challenger, a mop and bucket… I tell ya’, every time I use the Challenger I am thrilled with the results, what a machine! Thanks, Lee Watson!”

Derek from New York

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