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Start a carpet cleaning business

package-shotHave you heard about the brand new low moisture carpet cleaning start up business for under $3000.00 from Challenger?  We’ve made starting a  business simple and easy. We don’t have exclusive areas and we are not a franchise.

The Challenger System is carpet cleaning equipment that not only serves its initial cleaning purpose, but is also a green technology and is environmentally friendly.

The carpet cleaning machines that Challenger manufactures are unlike any other machines that are presently available on the market.  Challenger equipment along with a lot of hard work,  has helped create many success stories in this business.

One such success story includes Michael in Austin, Texas.  He had already ventured into steam cleaning but later researched other method’s.  He wanted to be able to combine both professional carpet cleaning equipment products with green technology. He was able to create his service using Challenger’s commercial carpet cleaning equipment and natural green cleaners. Michael’s business has steadily grown through the years and a search for carpet cleaning in Austin is going to find him right at the top.  Check out Mike’s website here

Just like in Austin, TX there are many different cities located all around the world that would love to be able to have a green carpet cleaning service. In fact, more customers are demanding green technology these days than ever before.

Why wouldn’t customers want to use a carpet cleaner that will not only make their carpets look amazing but is also safe for the environment and their entire household? If you have ever thought about becoming a business owner, and your own boss, now is the time to give carpet cleaning a try.

The perfect machine has already been made by Challenger and now you can use this machine to clean your home, and to start your own business with the Challenger Start up Package.

Who Can Benefit Job Wise?

For someone who wants to be in business for themselves there is no limit to the personal achievement and financial success that the Challenger System has to offer.  Since this product is new and expanding rapidly there may be local distributorships available for those that get in on the ground floor.

Some start out as full time entrepreneurs operating their own carpet cleaning business but many start their business on a part time basis while continuing their current occupation.

These include:

  • Public safety personnel – Those whose schedule gives them several days off after several days on
  • Apartment managers and maintenance persons – These people can easily get a side business started from tenants who need periodic carpet cleaning
  • Unemployed people – People were working until a recent downsizing or layoff and have had to take low wage employment
  • Domestic cleaners – Some may be cleaning private homes or commercial business and could add this higher income option
  • College Students – These students can clean dorm room carpet for friends and classmates prior to checkout inspection
Why Should I Choose Challenger?
  • Average earnings using the Challenger System range from $50 to $75 per hour.
  • Challenger’s growth potential makes it a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • Challenger distributorships may still be available in your area.
  • The system sells itself. It is easy to learn, fun to operate, and the excitement it generates is contagious.
  • Hands on training is available in our showroom with continued support through internet chat rooms and the toll free phone number we provide.
  • The complete Challenger System with cleaner and accessories is only $2,299, from Lindale Texas and there are no costly franchise fees. When you pay one time the system AND THE PROFIT is 100% yours!

Get your Challenger Start-up Package today and get busy!!!