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Challenger Low Moisture
Oscillating Pad System

Challenger Systems is an oscillating pad machine best described as a random orbital machine. It features two movements, first a random orbit is created, allowing the pad to clean all sides of the carpet fibers while also utilizing a freewheeling revolution, similar to an orbital care polisher.

Challenger Systems uses a set of gliders to take some of the motor’s weight off of the carpet making it easier to handle. It also allows the motor to run cooler and longer. The two types of gliders used are a solid glider and a holy glider. The Holy Glider’s pile lifting ability gives this system its aggressive nature and its capability to quickly clean the nastiest carpet.


3/4 HP 1725 RPM
8.6 AMPS, 115/208 V
Thermal Protected
Baldor Motor / Greater Torque
More Durability
Capacitor Start


  • Lifting Handle For Easy Loading
  • Holy Glider (Patent Pending)
  • Improves Cleaning by 50%
  • Improved Pad Driver Design Utilizing
  • Replaceable Velcro Plate
  • Low Profile for Better Access Under Furniture
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Bumper
  • 5″ Dia. Non-Marring Wheels for Easy Mobility
  • Comfortable Foam Grip Slanted Handles
  • Bolted Assembly Engineered for
  • Quiet Operation
  • 66 Lbs. Determined to Be the Lightest Effective Weight
  • High Gloss Powder Coat Finish with Chrome Shaft
  • Pre-tested Prior to Shipping
“I’ve been using the Challenger to clean commercial businesses for about 3 1/2 years. It works great and doesn’t leave carpets over-saturated. It is effective on stubborn stains and easy to get up and down stairs. I’ve had nothing but success with it.”
Randy in Sioux Falls, SD (September, 2013)

Oscillating Pad FAQ

Does the Challenger Systems clean more than just the surface of the carpet?
The absorbency of pads plus the orbital action of the counterbalance provides unsurpassed removal of soil and stains from carpets. The oscillating action cleans all sides of the fiber, lifting and separating the matted fibers to restore the full textured “new look” of the carpet. The combined oscillating and rotating cleaning action leaves the property owner delighted and satisfied.
How does this method compare to the deep cleaning action of a steam cleaning machine?
The Challenger has proven its superiority over steam cleaning machines by saving carpets that other cleaners have given up on. When moisture is extracted with a steam cleaner, stains and soil are often retained in the base of the carpet. It gives a clean appearance initially, but the dirt wicks back to the surface as the carpet dries. The oscillating and rotating motions of the Challenger’s moistened terry cloth pad does not allow the dirt and stains to hide. The Challenger thoroughly cleans the carpet. The carpet dries in one hour and stays clean longer.
What is the cost of cleaning carpets after you have purchased the Challenger Systems?
One gallon of chemical, properly diluted, will clean (8) typical two bedroom apartments. The price of consumable chemicals and cleaning pads is less than one cent per square foot of carpet!
Do you need to do time consuming stain treatments before cleaning?
Our customers have found that the Orbit Kleen Chemical will get most stains out of the carpet without any other treatments. You spray a 40 sq ft area, clean with the machine and you’re done. Red stains “may” come out with any of several different methods, bleached spots will remain, and pet stains that have burned the carpet will leave a yellow stain behind. These few exceptions aside, our system and our chemical will satisfy your most finicky customers.
Is the Challenger Systems profitable and durable?
One professional carpet cleaner said that his machine paid for itself in the first week! A maintenance man reduced carpet cleaning time by 66%! We have designed the Challenger machine to give many years of worry free service. Its all steel welded frame construction is built to last for decades.

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