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Are You in Sales?

d46b6697-c52d-49a4-8d66-aadee58c0d36If you ask around you may hear, “I am not in sales… I am the president…I am the owner… I am in accounting….”  Whatever the response, I would argue that everyone within your organization is in sales.

Why do the big companies have salespeople?  Think about it− It doesn’t matter if you are a technology company like Cisco or a grocery company like Sysco, both have salespeople. The reason why these companies have salespeople is because it works.

You cannot market yourself into prosperity; you might be moderately successful this way but if you want to go big, start selling.  I am not saying go hire a salesperson, I am saying you go sell.

For those of you who may have never “carried the bag”, you may wonder, “how do I do this?” Get up in the morning and put 20 business cards in the pocket of your freshly starched button down shirt and go find somebody to hand them to!  Get a nice leather bound notebook that will hold a legal pad and get ready to take notes.

“What do you say?”, “Where do you go?”, “I’m scared to do this!”, “What if they say no?”  We can address these later.  Remember, nothing happens until somebody sells something− that somebody is you.