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Are You in Sales? (Part II)

rbrb_2188Last time we left off with “What do you say?”, “Where do you go?”, “I’m scared to do this” , and “What if they say no?” We get these questions posed to us all the time. If you are in business and have the best process, the best method, or the best equipment and no one knows about it, you get to sit at the house and try and figure out how to pay for all your great equipment that is gathering dust.  Go sell something! This information is geared for the new business or the ones that may just be searching for a new way approach marketing.

Let’s start with “Where do you go?”… Go commercial.  Businesses are used to getting called on by salespeople.  Get the phone book, go to the apartment section, and count them.  In our town there was close to 80 different listings.  Go talk to them!  “Hi, my name is Bob, is the property manager available?”  Always remember to ask questions, don’t just show up and bombard them with information.  They have either been cleaning their own carpets or have outsourced the cleaning for years.  You are not the first person to show up and talk floor care with them.

This is just one example of a vertical market to go after.  If you are new at this, it may be strenuous at first and you may be scared.  You may think, “What if I say the wrong thing or they say they aren’t interested?” Don’t worry— most will not be interested and you will in fact say the wrong thing at times. This is natural and you will get better. You have to get up and show initiative every day; if you can do this, you will be successful. You can’t make everybody say “yes”, but guaranteed not everybody will say “no”.  Be different and go sell something! You can do it!