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Making a Case for Low-Moisture

Infrared Photos

Hot Water Extraction (HWE) can leave a client’s carpet soaked with water which provides a perfect breeding ground for mold to grow. The infrared photos above show the mold in the carpet pad not visible to these homeowners.

The Challenger Pad System is designed to use minimal moisture to ensure all water is retracted from the carpet and no water is trapped in the padding.

Carpet within a residence normally has a pad underneath it. The pad itself can be anywhere from 1/4″-1″ thick.

Carpet padding absorbs water like a sponge and can hold many times it’s own weight in water (like the dish sponge in a kitchen sink).

Although carpeting may feel very solid under your feet, it offers very little resistance to water passing through it.

A standard carpet will only hold a few ounces of water per square foot before it is completely saturated. After the carpet is full of all the water it can hold, any additional water filters straight through the customer’s carpet and into the padding.

Water that is soaked into the padding at the center of the room will quickly migrate to the edges of the room and make its way through the carpet to the walls.

Share with your customers the benefit of hiring a company that uses low-moisture carpet cleaning machines such as the Challenger Pad System. You will be able to offer your clients top-quality carpet cleaning services without exposing them to the dangers of mold in the home.