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High Pressure Selling

I met with a realtor a few days ago to discuss cleaning the carpet and tile in a home he was about to list. It was a high end listing in a prominent neighborhood. The homeowner had already moved. The realtor was having the floors cleaned before taking pictures so the listing would show better.

During our discussion he said, “I need the carpets, tile and grout cleaned. I also need someone to pressure wash the back porch, patio and the front walk out to the curb.”

I chimed in. “I can pressure wash that while I’m here doing the floors inside.” I turned a $300.00 carpet and tile job into a $625.00 job just like that.

My pressure washer is nothing special. It cost less than $300.00 at Lowes. I bought it for my own personal use at home. However it has paid for itself many times over in situations like this. I am now looking to upgrade to speed up the process a little.

The bottom line is, I’m always thinking outside the box or even outside the house when up-selling or in this case “High Pressure Selling.”