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Does your Carpet Cleaning Business offer Upholstery Cleaning?

Have you looked at adding upholstery cleaning to your carpet cleaning business? It is a great way to add some additional revenue without spending a lot on new equipment, and it’s a pretty simple task in most cases. You probably already have everything you need…. a spray bottle, a shop vac, and a soft bristle brush. Either horse hair or nylon. Just spray the furniture with a mixture of Orbit Kleen or Orbit Natural using a pump up sprayer or spray bottle, scrub it with the brush and extract it dry with a shop vac. If you have two people, this goes really fast. You can up-sell your carpet cleaning customers by offering to clean their couches, ottomans and chairs while you’re there. Other opportunities often overlooked are commercial businesses, theaters, and churches. These can turn into pretty big jobs. Try it and let us know your results!