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Reliable, Affordable…It just works!  The Challenger Pad System is a revolutionary carpet cleaning system that many cleaners are choosing as their primary method. Customers who are familiar with hot water extraction (HWE) methods of carpet cleaning have found dramatic improvements they call “unbelievable.”

How many times have you had your carpets cleaned with “steam” and the spots came back within a few days or weeks?  Our customers overwhelmingly say to us, “Our carpets are cleaner, they stay cleaner longer and, the spots didn’t come back.”

In tests at Dalton’s Carpet Mill it ranked first in cleaning “trashed out” carpet when compared to other low moisture cleaning systems. The Challenger method is preferred over (HWE) in many cases because of its “all natural odorless, water conserving methods that dry in minutes”.


Becky in California says: “We cruised around with our equipment (the Challenger Machine) and cleaned three houses. Everyone was AMAZED. The company (Two Harbors Resort) will not be putting new carpet in each rental every time someone moves out anymore.” 


Challenger has been around since mullet’s were in style.  It was founded by Kirk Jenkins in Kilgore, Texas. Kirk later joined forces with Lee and Chris Watson.  A few years later, Lee and Chris bought Kirk out and moved Challenger to Longview, Texas where it stayed for many years.

In September of 2010 Lee and Chris decided they wanted to spend a little more time on a growing rental property business and  Challenger was sold to Brooks Beeler.  Brooks kept Challenger in Longview for the first year as Lee and Chris showed him the ropes.

He later moved Challenger to Lindale, Texas.  Lindale, TX is now worldwide headquarters…Go EAGLES!!!  Brooks has joined forces with partner Don Davis and Challenger is poised for growth and a very bright future.

How do Customers React?

Corporate America likes the Challenger because it helps their bottom line. It saves hundreds of thousands of dollars of needless carpet replacement costs and eliminates potential mold lawsuits due to over wetting.

The housewife likes the Challenger Machine because it does a quality job and is not intrusive. It does not leave her carpets soaked, harmful chemicals are not brought in, hoses are not run through outside doors and it runs so smoothly and quietly that it won’t disturb a sleeping baby.

How do Industry Professionals React?

Many offer the Challenger System as their premium service at a price considerably higher than the same work done with HWE. They like it because there are no hoses to drag up flights of stairs in high rise apartments; there is no contaminated waste water to dispose of and no freeze damage to the system in the winter.